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Lauren Cantor

Tel: (704) 552-1020



 Lauren was a great asset in my search for a new business opportunity. She was knowledgeable, listened to my needs and provided advice
whenever I needed. I recommend working with Lauren to anyone who is looking to go into business for themselves

KP Charlotte, NC

I had the good fortune of meeting Lauren while seeking career opportunities. Lauren worked hard to help me to discover what would fit
with my personal and career goals, all the while trusting her process to end in a result that was best for me, the client. Dedicated, sincere, positive and professional are just some of the words to describe Lauren. Her selfless approach is refreshing, extraordinary and rare in the business world today.

JD Charlotte, NC

Lauren is the person you want if you are looking for options and are exploring franchise opportunities. She listens and is focused on
finding a solution that is right for you just not one where it works for here. She is professional and has great insight. I would recommend her without

RP Provo, UT

After 12 years as a corporate executive for a fortune 100 company, I found myself where so many others have found themselves,
"downsized". I discovered Lauren while searching for new opportunities and I have to say, it was the best experience of my working
career. Her help was invaluable in navigating the daunting, and often frustrating, task of evaluating what to do next. She not only simplified the
tasks, but actually made it enjoyable and even exciting. I am now ready to launch my own business and have never been more excited about my future. I can't thank Lauren enough for all of her support and assistance in this process. Thank you
so much for your knowledge, support and professionalism!

MA Dillon, CO

I was at a time in my career search when looking to grow was paramount. But so was learning about a potential opportunity I'd never had the
life or time to learn. Lauren Cantor, who reached out after finding my resume online, found me - and I'm so grateful she did! Lauren is a straight-shooting, professional who's experience and poise make for an exemplary career coach. She is seasoned and grounded while remaining accessible at all parts of the search. I am a better professional for having worked with Lauren.

MS Birmingham, AL